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Why run for Sheriff?

I have decided to take the opportunity to fulfill an interest I have to advance myself within the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office.  I have been with the office for 15 plus years and have worked in practically all areas of the office and feel that I am well-rounded and experienced for this position.  I have received overwhelming support from within the Sheriff’s Office Organization and many others within the community.  Due to my experience and the support from others, as well as my desire for this position, I am ready for this upcoming opportunity.



fall300I am a life-long resident of Morrison County and a graduate of Upsala Area School District. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Bemidji State University.  I am married to Heidi, who is a special education teacher at Little Falls Community High School, and have 3 children who attend school in Little Falls.  I am a member of Faith Lutheran Church (Little Falls) and am currently serving on the Youth and Family Ministry Team.  I am also a current member of the Stand Up 4 U Coalition in Morrison County, which is a youth alcohol prevention project, where I represent the law enforcement sector.


My current position at the Sheriff’s Office is patrol sergeant, where I am in charge of the direct supervision of deputies.  I am also the lead instructor for firearms and use of force, as well as, commander of the CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) team which consists of operators of the Little Falls Police Department and Morrison County Sheriff’s Office.  I am also a firearms instructor at Central Lakes College in Brainerd. Prior to my current positions, I was a narcotics investigator on the Central Minnesota Drug and Gang Task Force, bailiff, dispatcher and worked water patrol and in the Jail.  I also have 13 years of experience working part-time for the Little Falls Police Department and have 12 years of military service with the United States Marine Corps Reserve and Army National Guard.


tubing400One of my focuses is to expand Sheriff’s Office services to the rural schools, while maintaining a cost effective approach.  An example is working collaboratively with the schools in our county and setting up remote satellite stations inside the school.  By doing this, deputies will be able to interact more with youth and school officials and they will also be more visible and accessible to the rural areas of our county.  I see this as a positive change that can be implemented with minimal cost.

The second issue I will focus on is the enforcement of narcotic related crimes.  Drug enforcement efforts need to continue to stay active and constantly reevaluated to make sure that they are effective.  I would like to implement more drug interdiction patrols, utilizing the talents within our office.  With my past experience on the Drug and Gang Task Force, I will make sure that our office remains aggressive with our drug enforcement efforts, which will ultimately make Morrison County a safer place to live.


Final Comment:

I would be honored to serve as the Sheriff for Morrison County.  I believe in the community and its people.  I am full of gratitude for what the community has done for me and now it’s time that I give back to it.  I am prepared to continue my commitment of service to the Sheriff’s Office, as well as, the citizens of Morrison County.